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What We Do

Actuality uses fresh thinking to create unique products and compelling services. At Actuality there is always a reason for why something should or should not be done and it all has something to do with usability. In the end, it is all about memorable experiences and delighted clients and consumers. Who doesn't want that? Here are the list of service offered by the conglomerate lab.

1. Kalash - Premium wordpress theme

Actuality Lab has matured over the last two years and we are all set to make a global impact with our new premium wordpress theme, which we believe would suit users in every aspect. It has been tight rope walk for us for the last few months but then we are happy to come up with such an amazing web product. Read More

2. Pyridi
When somebody asks you which is the best, cleanest and safest professional network, tell them it is Pyridi.

Pyridi gives people the way to project themselves to the world.At Pyridi, we believe that the open exchange of information can have a positive global impact. Every day we are inspired by stories of people using Pyridi to help make the world a better place in unexpected ways.

3. Educulas

Educulas is one of the most innovative campus management system to turn your institution digital. Built on open source technologies, with clear focus on information architecture and user friendly interface, Educulas strives to remain as the best campus management software on planet Earth.

Free insight or review of your business
If you want an insight into how Actuality perceive your product, reach us for the following:

1. A quick check-up of your site or app
2. A rapid review of your competitors
3. A second opinion on your current project
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