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Actuality Lab has matured over the last two years and we are all set to make a global impact with our new premium wordpress theme, which we believe would suit users in every aspect. It has been tight rope walk for us for the last few months but then we are happy to come up with such an amazing web product.

We just cannot describe enough how powerful this theme is. The best thing about running Kalash is that your content has full control over the website. Design is all about making users forget about the site layout, typography, colors, and borders. Actuality and Kalash bring that in Style for you. This also eventually is our greatest release till date.

Where’s the Demo?

It’s right here. Yes, this is the template that we use on our own WordPress website. Among others it is featured as one of the best minimalist blog designs across the Internet.

Digital products will be delivered via email after payment has been received. Physical products (only if applicable) will be delivered within 7-30 days depending on your location and your postal service.

Reach us through the contact form if you would like to buy this theme.

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