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Our web product (Kalash) has hit the web for more than two weeks now and is now listed as number One on search results. We never doubted about this success when we started two years ago. The same applies for many of the products that we had delivered in stealth mode for the last few months and also for those that are currently in development. Having said that, we would like to list down the various factors that new enterprises need to consider when they bootstrap. These are the same pointers that we looked at when we started.

Having ideas and solving problems and being Innovative

The reason why new age startups succeed is they stay small (like us), solve big problems, and scale quickly and exponentially. They become huge enterprise in short periods of time. They ideate, solve painful problems in innovative and creative ways.

In our case, we felt that not all enterprise have skilled resources to build their own digital products and application inspite of having good ideas and sufficient finance. So we decided to build highly customised products and applications for our customers. This offering not only fulfilled our customer’s business requirement, this ensured that we stood tall in various other areas which we specialise in – call them Information Architecture, Usability, and Internet.

Reduce growth time

As the windows of opportunity continue to close faster, startups need to learn how to compress years of growth into a couple of years. They need to produce results by building backwards, cutting out the fat, and looking for ways to make their business scale quickly.

Look at new age products such as softwares, source codes, apps that are developed once and sold to a larger customer pool globally. Profit, isn’t it?


The trick here is to act like Number One and be number one. Consumers have become fascinated with Number One companies, which means that if a startup expects to dominate a market, they must learn to act like a Number One company right out of the gates. So how can companies that have just started be number one? The answer is to find yourself a new niche area and be the only entrant in it. Look at us; we are the world’s Number one Design Technology and Media Lab focusing on Web, Information Architecture, and Usability.


The cost of starting a company has gone down, which means that startups can now create the capital they need. With Internet booming, companies spend lesser time in finding investors, finding solutions, finding cheap technologies. The focus now is all about creating value as quickly as possible. This is why finance has turned out to be the last entry on our growth itinerary.

So, we will keep you cognizant about how we scale exponentially against our competitors while keeping our customers delighted all through the journey. Meanwhile, tell us what you think would help companies scale larger heights.

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