How to turn into a great startup

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Our web product (Kalash) has hit the web for more than two weeks now and is now listed as number One on search results. We never doubted about this success when we started two years ago. The same applies for many of the products that we had delivered in stealth mode for the last few… Read more »

Kalash – Premium WordPress Theme

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Actuality Lab has matured over the last two years and we are all set to make a global impact with our new premium wordpress theme, which we believe would suit users in every aspect. It has been tight rope walk for us for the last few months but then we are happy to come up… Read more »

First entry from here

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Folks, the revamped Actuality and sites are now up for your viewing pleasure. We also have this journal linked to get you some of the latest development around the lab. We had such a good time designing the new website theme, with a view to bring a personal touch and also give you an… Read more »